Artist bio

Andrew Kosorok is a stained glass artist, sculptor, writer, and student of sacred form and geometry living and working in Utah, in the US. Originally from Washington state, his work has lead to friendships around the world and visits to a number of countries. His Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts both focused on Sculptural Stained Glass with minors in English, Philosophy, and Comparative Humanities, he received a certificate of completion for the Philosophy of Islamic Arts Intensive with ISOA and the University of Religions and Denominations in Qom, Iran, he is a certified chaplain, and is currently studying Media and the Arts for Peace with the United States Institute of Peace Global Campus.

His work is an exploration of the touchpoints connecting people of divers backgrounds and cultures. Using patterns and techniques from multiple traditions including medieval bookbinding and Islamic design and architecture, he works to understand cultures through contextualizing their art and shares the continuing journey with others.

From his 30 plus years as stained glass artist, designer, restoration specialist, sculptor, interfaith chaplain, and author, Andrew has developed a network of associations connecting ideas to symbols and geometry, building a vocabulary of visual communication accessible to a broad range of world views. Symbolism, geometry, traditional techniques, and contemporary context provide an environment for creative thought and conversations with viewers which move beyond the boundaries of words.

His ongoing 99 Names series has received international attention, leading to a fellowship to study philosophy of Islamic art in Iran and co-authoring a book on Islamic architecture in Iran, and he is sought after as a consultant on stained glass construction and restoration internationally. Currently working as a professional designer and a university sculpture professor, he is also interfaith liaison for multi-ethnic community service groups, and a teaching artist with the Utah State Division of Arts and Museums.